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This is a general price list. All price are variable according to your order. If our prices are within your budget please:

1. Dowload our mock up to place your artwork on the item requested if you don’t already have one.

2. Fill out our online Free Quote form once for each item you require

Screen Printed T-shirts

Screen Printed T-shirts


1 color print

2 colors print

3 colors print or black / white screen dots

4 colors print

5 colors print or CMYK

100 – 200 pcs

145 thb

155 thb

165 thb

175 thb

185 thb

200 – 500 pcs

140 thb

150 thb

160 bht

170 thb

180 thb

500 – 1000 pcs

135 thb

145 thb

155 bht

165 thb

175 thb

+1000 pcs

130 thb

140 thb

150 bht

160 thb

170 thb

* All prices are inclusive of t-shirt, ironing, printing and packing in individual polybag.

 Screen Print One Time Set up Fees

Screen Blocks
Block SizePrice per Block
A4 and less400 thb per color
A3700 thb per color
Screen Dots1,200 thb per color
CMYK5’900 thb for set

*Screen blocks are  one time set up fees. For example, if you want to produce 100 pcs with 1 color print, we will add 400 bht to the total of your order.

 Hoodies, Sweaters & Varsities

Hoodies, Sweaters and Varsities
Item / Qty100-300 pcs300-500 pcs500-1000 pcs +1000 pcs
Hoodies650 thb6400 thb630 thb610 thb
Sweaters600 thb590 thb580 thb550 thb
Varsities1050 thb 1000 thb980 thb950 thb

* All price are inclusive of 1 front, 1 back and 1 sleeve application such as prints or embroidery patches

*+ 50 thb for zip hoodies

* 50 thb/pc for  zip hoodies.

 Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts
Item / Qty100-300 pcs300-500 pcs500-1000 pcs +1000 pcs
short sleeves (100pcs min)330 bht320 bht310 bht300 bht
long sleeves (500 pcs min)on requeston requeston requeston request

*All prices are inclusive of polo, 1 front  embroidery and packing in individual polybag.


Caps Type / Qty200-300 pcs300-500 pcs500-1000 pcs +1000 pcs
Baseball185 thb175 thb165 thb160 thb
Hip Hop205 thb195 thb185 thb180 thb

*All price are inclusive of 1 front and 1 back embroidery. Caps are packed by set of 10.

 Woven Labels
ItemPricePrice /unit
Standard size labelFREE0 thb /pc
1200 pcs + standard size label5900 bht4.91 thb /pc
1200 pcs per size ( S M L XL XXL)12’000 bht2 thb /pc

* Price may be lower or higher depending of the dimensions of your label(s) specifications.