Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, we decided in 2007  to relocate to Bangkok to take advantage of the unique business environment that Thailand offers. The low overheads and high-quality of workmanship here, combined with our dedication to our craft allow us to provide what we truly believe to be an excellent service.


Tshirt Bangkok specializes in screen printing services in the clothing industry. Five years in the screen printing industry helped us determine the needs of our customers and deliver our promise all the time. We have a factory to show our dedication to provide the best screen printing services.



Our strategic location nearby Fortune Mall on Ratchada, Bangkok makes it easier for local customers to place and pick-up their orders and for international customer visiting Thailand.  



Tshirt Bangkok strives to provide world-class customer service to our local and international clients. Fast response is provided via Skype or email. Our telephone lines are also open. Our professional team can speak in Thai and in English.


T-shirt Bangkok strives to provide competitive prices on quality apparel to meet expectation of local and international clients.