Unlike many other t-shirt companies that do not even have a factory, T-shirt Bangkok has its very own t-shirt factory where all the work of professional t-shirt printing and customization is carried out.

In fact, our factory happens to be the leading t-shirt printing factory in the whole ofThailand.

A big part of the reason we enjoy this status is because our factory is home toevery modern t-shirt printing and customization equipment you can think of, and we employ a team of skilled and dedicated staff members.

It may interest you to know that even though T-shirt Bangkok started off in Geneva,Switzerland, we decided in 2007 to relocate our t-shirt printing factory to Bangkok, Thailand.

But why did we take this decision, you may ask?

We discovered that Thailand offers a unique business environment that encourages thegrowth of startups as well as established businesses; we also found out that the workmanship available in Thailand is of a high quality, and doing business here comeswith lower overhead costs.

So that is why we took the necessary step of relocating our t-shirt printing factory toThailand – to leverage the advantages the country offers.

These advantages, when combined with our passion and dedication to our craft, help us to consistently provideour clients with what we truly believe to be excellent service.


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